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फिर आया नया साल

अपनी बंद रहस्य मयी

पंखुड़ियों को

धीरे धीरे खोल

मुस्कुराने को है

एक और नयी सुबह का फ़ूल

आशीर्वाद सा झरेगा

स्वर्णिम पराग

और नयी नयी कोपलों

सी फिर जनम लेगी आशाएं

रेशमी पंखुड़ियों के

कस्तूरी स्पर्शों से

पुछ जायेगें

शबनमी आंसू

और हर शाख पर फ़ूलेगी


नयी उमंगो की

चलो भर कर

अंजुरी में विश्वास

चढायें अर्ध्य

नव वर्ष के

चढते सूरज को..

आज फ़िर उड़ेगी

सम्भा्वनाओं की धूल

मुस्कुराने को है

एक और नयी सुबह का फूल ....


एक  दिन  मैं पर्वत बन जाउंगी ....
अविचलित,अखंड , आकर्षक ....
आसमान को छूते पर्वत  ...
और ..
आसमान से सितारे  चुराकर
धीरे धीरे प्यार से बिखरा दूंगी
प्यासी धरती मे......

Birds of a Feather Flock Together............

We meet many people. Many times randomly. Few of them become best friends, few of them enemies, few of them acquaintances, one of them may become spouse, and few of them we just forget that we met .....

Why do we meet and like certain people in our life?

What's the big deal you can say .......
Like me, I’m sure you’ve had the experience of meeting somebody for the first time and instantly liking that person. The two of you just ‘connected’ and you both felt as though you’d known each other forever. You were attracted to one another, not romantically speaking although it can be that too.As much as you were drawn to some people, you’ve also been equally repelled by other people...........right?

From your best friends list, just think for few seconds how you met each one of them. I am quite sure you have met at least one of them so randomly that there was every chance that you could have never met that person. Yet, you met that person and became best friends...........
Sooo we are natural…

होली आती याद दिलाती वो बचपन वाली होली , वो गुब्बारों की होली....

Whenever holi comes it take me down to memory lane, way back when I was kid. Most of the best holi I ever had in my childhood and all those holi I celebrated in my native place Nainital (Uttaranchal). It has many beautiful aspects.... Though I remember those balloons filled with colored water, hitting those balloons to each other or persons visiting in neighborhood and the colored water we splashed on each other,but It was unique because the Kumauni Holi has a very rich collections of songs..... They use classical instruments with classical Ragas. Kumauni Holi lies in being a musical affair, whether it's the Baithki Holi, the Khari Holi or the Mahila Holi. Every night for one week before holi, you can hear the villagers, sitting next to the fire and singing special holi songs in the local Kumaoni language . The ladies part of Kumauni Holi is called Mahila Holi ...they enjoy it a lot with Dholak ...... Gujhiya,Aloo and Chatani is the famous dish during Holi Sangeet .....